LYOS : INSERM UMR 1033, Université de Lyon, France.

Pathophysiology, Diagnosis & Treatments of Musculoskeletal Disorders


Musculoskeletal disorders, including bone diseases, osteoarthritis, inflammatory diseases, bone metastasis and sarcopenia are responsible for a major disease burden worldwide. There remains an important gap in terms of pathophysiology understanding, diagnosis and therapy that we address. We conduct research in this area from bench to bedsite, thanks to a wide platform including cell biology, animal models, biomechanics studies, epidemiology and clinical research.

Our scientific strategy hinges on 3 teams.

Team 1’s major objectives are to improve the prediction of fracture risk in men and women with osteoporosis. The relations between bone and certain chronic diseases will be also studied. It has become obvious (albeit little understood) that bone quality is influenced by chronic diseases and, conversely, that bone remodeling participates in the genesis of chronic diseases.

Team 2’s main objectives are to identify the underlying molecular mechanisms governing the nesting of tumour cells in the bone marrow and those that favour the formation of medullary micrometastases, the prelude required for bone metastasis formation. Additionally, new biological markers of early relapse of cancer in bone will be developed and novel therapeutics are being tested in animal models of malignant bone diseases.

Team 3’s main objectives are to study the roles of autotaxin and lysophosphatidic acid in bone physiology and benign (osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis) and cancerous (bone metastasis) bone pathologies.

Roland Chapurlat


Bone, joint and muscle chronic diseases

Pascale Cohen

Pascale COHEN

Bone, Cancer and Metastasis

Olivier Peyruchaud


Bone and Joint Pathophysiology: Bioactive lipids and mineral metabolism.

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of the lab in figures:

  • Staff: 57
  • Basic and clinical scientists: 28
  • Research Engineers and Technicians: 18
  • Postdoctoral fellows and research students: 11

7 key most recent publications :

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