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Bone, Cancers and Metastases

Top 10 publications over the past 5 years


  1. A. Bellanger, D.T. Le, J. Vendrell, A. Wierinckx, L.S. Pongor, J. Solassol, J. Lachuer, P. Clezardin, B. Gyorffy, P.A. Cohen, Exploring the Significance of the Exon 4-Skipping Isoform of the ZNF217 Oncogene in Breast Cancer, Front Oncol 11 (2021) 647269.
  2. P. Clezardin, R. Coleman, M. Puppo, P. Ottewell, E. Bonnelye, F. Paycha, C.B. Confavreux, I. Holen, Bone metastasis: mechanisms, therapies, and biomarkers, Physiol Rev 101(3) (2021) 797-855.
  3. C.B. Confavreux, H. Follet, D. Mitton, J.B. Pialat, P. Clezardin, Fracture Risk Evaluation of Bone Metastases: A Burning Issue, Cancers (Basel) 13(22) (2021).
  4. C.F. Donini, M. El Helou, A. Wierinckx, B. Gyorffy, S. Aires, A. Escande, S. Croze, P. Clezardin, J. Lachuer, M. Diab-Assaf, S.E. Ghayad, B. Fervers, V. Cavailles, V. Maguer-Satta, P.A. Cohen, Long-Term Exposure of Early-Transformed Human Mammary Cells to Low Doses of Benzo[a]pyrene and/or Bisphenol A Enhances Their Cancerous Phenotype via an AhR/GPR30 Interplay, Front Oncol 10 (2020) 712.
  5. P. Fahme, F. Ramadan, D.T. Le, K.N. Thi, S.E. Ghayad, N. Hussein, C. Diaz, M. Croset, P. Clezardin, P.A. Cohen, The Intricate Interplay between the ZNF217 Oncogene and Epigenetic Processes Shapes Tumor Progression, Cancers (Basel) 14(24) (2022).
  6. M. Gardegaront, V. Allard, C. Confavreux, F. Bermond, D. Mitton, H. Follet, Variabilities in microQCT-based FEA of a tumoral bone mice model, J Biomech 118 (2021) 110265.
  7. E. Massy, J.C. Rousseau, M. Gueye, E. Bonnelye, M. Brevet, L. Chambard, M. Duruisseaux, O. Borel, C. Roger, R. Guelminger, J.B. Pialat, E. Gineyts, L. Bouazza, M. Millet, J.M. Maury, P. Clezardin, N. Girard, C.B. Confavreux, Serum total periostin is an independent marker of overall survival in bone metastases of lung adenocarcinoma, J Bone Oncol 29 (2021) 100364.
  8. F. Pantano, M. Croset, K. Driouch, N. Bednarz-Knoll, M. Iuliani, G. Ribelli, E. Bonnelye, H. Wikman, S. Geraci, F. Bonin, S. Simonetti, B. Vincenzi, S.S. Hong, S. Sousa, K. Pantel, G. Tonini, D. Santini, P. Clezardin, Integrin alpha5 in human breast cancer is a mediator of bone metastasis and a therapeutic target for the treatment of osteolytic lesions, Oncogene 40(7) (2021) 1284-1299.
  9. M. Puppo, M. Jaafar, J.J. Diaz, V. Marcel, P. Clezardin, MiRNAs and snoRNAs in Bone Metastasis: Functional Roles and Clinical Potential, Cancers (Basel) 15(1) (2022).
  10. [10] F. Ramadan, R. Saab, N. Hussein, P. Clezardin, P.A. Cohen, S.E. Ghayad, Non-coding RNA in rhabdomyosarcoma progression and metastasis, Front Oncol 12 (2022) 971174.

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