European Cancer and Bone Metastasis Laboratory (ECBML)

ECBML, a European associated laboratory on cancer and bone metastasis, has recently been created under the auspices of INSERM (french national institute of health and medical research) and the University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK. This laboratory is to formalise complementary capabilities between Professor Clézardin’s INSERM laboratory in Lyon and the clinical and laboratory based bone oncology researchers in Sheffield. ECBML will conduct a 4-year research and training program.


ECBML‘s research program aims at (i) investigating the roles of axon guidance receptors and of RANK/RANKL in mediating the residence of breast cancer cells in the osteogenic niche and (ii) identifying tumour-derived miRNAs that are predictive of relapse in postmenopausal women with early, hormone-responsive breast cancer. This research program is likely to extend in the near future to other key aspects of musculoskeletal diseases that are currently investigated in Lyon and Sheffield. An additional objective for ECBML is to promote exchanges of students and young researchers between the groups and capitalize on the expertise of each side, including access to techniques, facilities and equipments. Overall, this program will reinforce the international visibility of both groups and provide a springboard for European and international funding programs which can be used to develop larger-scale collaborative projects.