1. Conférence Pr. T. Nickolas

    Title: « Transplant osteodystrophy and fractures after corticosteroid-withdrawal » Tom Nickolas is professor at Columbia University, New York, USA.  
  2. Conférence E. Hesse

    Title: « Novel molecular mechanism regulating bone remodeling and osteolytic disease » Eric Hesse is professor at University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf at Hamburg in Germany.                                  
  3. Conférence P. Zysset

    Title: « Escalade multi-échelle de la mécanique de l’os » Philippe Zysset est Professeur à l’Institut de Technologie Chirurgicale et Biomécanique, Université de Berne, Suisse.  
  4. Conférence Janine Erler

    Title: Matrix remodeling during cancer progression. Janine Erler is professor at Biothec Research & Innovation Center (BRIC) Copenhagen, Denmark.  
  5. Conférence Yibin Kang

    Title: Tumor-stromal interactions in breast cancer bone metastasis. Pr. Yibin KANG is Professor in Molecular Biology at Princeton University (New Jersey). He published seminal papers in Cancer Cell, Cell, Nature Medicine and Nature Cell Biology. Major areas of research in his laboratory includes: identification and functional characterization of metastasis genes,...
  6. Conférence Pr Wouter Moolenaar

    Title: Autotaxin-LPA receptor signaling in health and disease. Pr. Wouter Moolenaar  is a pioneer in the field of lysophospholipid biology (Cell 2012). His group has recently elucidated the structure of the lysophosphatidic acid producing enzyme Autotaxin that will have a marked impact on our understanding of pathophysiological processes ( Nat...
  7. Conférence Ilaria Malanchi

    Title: Putting Cancer Stem Cells in Context. Ilaria Malanchi is head of lab working on tumor-host interactions. Specifically, research conducted in her lab aims at learning how some changes in the organism (such as chronic inflammation) can favour tumour onset, how tumour cells can evade detection from the immune system,...